Top Sales Strategy Tips from a Sales Strategy Consulting

Often we come across businesses with a great product or service but have a tough time selling their product due to a poorly constructed sales strategy. Acceler8me offer sales strategy consulting services for business that require help with their sales strategy. We often write blogs related to our services to offer tips and advice to our clients and prospective clients. One of the main reasons we do this is to demonstrate how we can be of service to your business, that’s why today we’ll be discussing sales strategy.

You can start talking about all the features that your business offers and the many tools that are available but if you’re not willing to state how it benefits your clients they will likely lose interest very quickly. If your target market is B2B then it’s about how your business will improve their business, if it’s B2C then it’s about how it will improve their lives. Whether that’s generating more income for their business or having a better well-being in their lives you have to sell the benefits of your business.

When you work in an industry for a while it’s easier to get so accustomed to the types of jargon that are used that often when you speak to your customers they won’t know what you are talking about. Understandably sometimes this is unavoidable however when you can avoid using jargon you should. Firstly make a list of all the main terms used in your business and think of a layman’s translation. Making a note of all the jargon terms used in your business will also help you remember which terms are likely to cause confusion. Meaning that you can look out for them in your sales pitches and pause and ask your prospective clients if they understand what you just said.

Over time when working in a specific industry you will notice the characteristics of your target market, studying these characteristics will help you realise the kind of etiquette that will be expected of your business. Finally last but certainly not least you need to understand that your leads have a million things they are thinking about and your business is often the bottom of that pile, you cannot expect them to contact you, you need to chase them up and make sure they remember about your business otherwise they’ll forget all about you.

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