SMEs (Small Medium Enterprises) & Micro-Enterprises are companies that hire anywhere from 5 to 250 people. The general turnover of an SME would be anywhere from £1m to £150m per year. With a definition so vast, how does an SME know what to do to achieve Accelerated Growth? Below is a list of services we offer SMEs to help them achieve growth, get ready for finance or even a potential exit.

Investment Ready

Is your company ready for investment?

We can help you build strong and robust Business Plans, Financial Forecasts & Models while taking you through the step by step process of getting your business Investment Ready.

Investment Searching

There are tens of thousands of investors in the UK, all with different interests and skills.

Investment Searching is a long & laborious task that can take you away from running your business. We help you search, not just for any investors, but the right investors for you and your business.

Finance & Cashflow Planning
Cash is King. With no cash, the game is over.   We help your business not just find cash, but more importantly, find where the leaks are so your business can start growing and get stronger again. We need to plan how you spend your cash to make sure you have enough for today and tomorrow
Turn Around
Is your company or investment not performing as well as it should be?   The job of a consultant is to see the wood for the trees. We help analyse your business as a neutral 3rd party and put in a plan to turn it around and make it profitable again
Exit Preparation

Are you looking to exit your business?

Investors/Buyers will only buy businesses that have structure and aren't "all about the owner". We help you build and implement infrastructure in your business, to make it sellable.

Expense Procedures & Accounting Software

Being in charge of your company's expenses is key to a successful growing company.

We help you build a financial infrastructure; by developing processes, software and expenses management systems for your company and all its employees.

Planning, Building & Implementing CRMs

Excel Spreadsheets are not the right tool to use for scaling a business!

A CRM is an integral part of a company's Infrastructure. It is where you store all your clients & leads, measure & run your Sales Strategy and measure the health of your business

Board Development & Governance

Behind any successful company is accountability, by people who know more than you.

A company is its own entity and it needs its own governance. We help you make sure that your company has a strong experienced board that advises what is best for your company to encourage it to grow.

Capitalising R.O.I. on Physical Assets

As companies, we buy physical assets which we use to provide our services or products.

This can be anything from a laptop to a truck, to a piece of machinery. But how do we work out how to get our maximum returns on these investments? And which asset should we buy in the first place?

Staff Efficiency
How well are your staff working and what returns are you making on this investment?   The number one way to help companies scale and grow faster is through good staff efficiency and effectiveness. This can be through infrastructure, training or even just effective monitoring
Hiring, Timing & Management

When is a good time to expand your team and how do you do it safely?

Timing is key when expanding a business. We can help you work out the best timing, costs and structures that need to be in place to have a safe expansion of your business.

UK, EU & Welsh Government Grants

Get UK, EU, Welsh Government and Westminster subsidies for creating jobs, buying capital & growing your business!

In some parts of the UK, you can receive grants paying between up to 40% of all salaries for jobs created in the first 3 years & grants that pay 50% towards your capital!

Accelerated Growth

What is the fastest way to safely grow your company?

We help businesses create bespoke plans focusing on building and strengthing a company's Infrastructure, Sales & Marketing Strategies

Marketing Strategies
Acceler8me defines Marketing as a series of activities that lead to ‘Reactive’ Sales   Having a strong, tested, marketing strategy in place, with reliable ‘Return of Investment’ is crucial for the growth and future scaling of any business
Sales Strategies

An effective & tested Sales Strategy is the key to any business’s success

We can help you build or develop your existing sales strategies, to make sure you are getting the best returns from your revenue model. Inbound, Outbound, Direct Debits, Costs of Sale and Projected Returns - We help you put everything into perspective.

Let us help you secure the foundations you need to achieve growth


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