What grants are available and do I qualify?

A little-known fact about the UK, is that there are financial incentives for developing and growing businesses outside of London and the South East.

Areas such as Wales, the Midlands, East Anglia, the North East and Scotland; benefit from EU, Westminster and local government grants; to encourage companies to hire staff and build infrastructure.

These grants very depending on their location. In Wales for example, you can receive between 20% - 40% of all the salaries for every job you create in the first three years. This is a huge incentive for companies who are looking at starting or are expanding their current business.

Grants are not fun to apply for and quite often require long, well researched and precisely written applications. This is where Acceler8me can help. We help businesses of all shapes and sizes, firstly see if they qualify for grants and then more importantly apply for grants.

Investment Searching
There are tens of thousands of investors in the UK, all with different interests and skills.   Investment Searching is a long & laborious task that can take you away from running your business. We help you search, not just for any investors, but the right investors for you and your business  

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Wales & the Northern Powerhouse – De-risking Growth
Did you know growing or starting your business in Wales could save you hundreds of thousands? Scaling companies to the Regions can save companies millions of pounds, by reducing labour costs, reducing rents and being a big fish in a small pond – not to mention Co-Investment opportunities from Bodies like the Welsh Development Banc or the Northern Powerhouse

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Cashflow Planning
Cash is King. With no cash, the game is over.   We help your business not just find cash, but more importantly, find where the leaks are so your business can start growing and get stronger again. We need to plan how you spend your cash to make sure you have enough for today and tomorrow

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