The day that you feel you know everything, is the day you have started to lose control of your business. It doesn’t matter if you are a start-up or an SME, all companies and directors should surround themselves with people who can help their company’s grow. This is Board Development

A business is like a baby. The entrepreneur gives birth to it, feeds it, waters it, looks after it. But there comes a time where it stops growing because you can’t teach it anything new. Like when you send a child to school, a business also needs new people with different skill sets to continue teaching it. This is what a board does.

A board is a collection of experts, investors, and non-executive directors who ensure and help the growth of the business. Their loyalty is to the business, not the director.

The board also controls something called Governance. Governance is essentially a ‘double checking’ mechanism, which ensures that the directors of the business are doing everything within the lines of the law and in the interests of the investors.

Acceler8me helps businesses find, run and create boards. We can even sit on boards on behalf of investors and can create governance framework. Drop us a line and let us see how we can help you.

Management Consultancy
Quite often directors are experts in their fields, but not growing and running businesses.   The role of ‘growth coach’ is often taken on by the investor, increasing their responsibilities in an already busy work schedule. We can help take this off your back, by offering consultancy focusing on infrastructure & growth

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Accelerated Growth
What is the fastest way to safely grow your company?   We help businesses create bespoke growth plans focusing on building and strengthing a companies InfrastructureSales & Marketing Strategies, so they can reach Accelerated Growth against their competitors

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Why Wales & the Northern Powerhouse?
Cut Costs, Increase Co-Investment, Reduce Risk and get the best talent for less…. Where’s the problem? Scaling companies to the Regions can save companies millions of pounds. Reducing labour costs, reducing rents and being a big fish in a small pond – Not to mention Co-Investment from bodies like the Welsh Development Banc or the Northern Powerhouse

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