Getting rid of spreadsheets

The term CRM stands for Customer Relationship Manager. It is essentially a piece of software that allows you to track every lead into your business, every sale, every customer, everything that happens to that customer and every penny you ever make. It is the most powerful tool any business can have and is an integral piece of infrastructure for any business.

One of the most popular and recommended CRMs on the market is Salesforce. Salesforce is a globally recognised platform that can be moulded to your business, procedures and ethos. While Salesforce is easy to use for your staff, it comes at a price. There are plenty of other CRMs on the market that work just as well for smaller companies and we would be happy to walk you through them.

Acceler8me can help you plan, build, and edit Salesforce and other CRMs, to make sure that your company has a platform that is easy to use, but more importantly, is collecting the valuable information you need to grow your company.

Expense Procedures & Accounting Software

Being in charge of your company's expenses is key to successful growth.

We help you build a financial infrastructure by developing: processes; and software & expenses management systems for your company and employees.

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Exit Preparation

Are you looking to exit your business?

Investors/Buyers will only buy businesses that have structure and aren't "all about the owner". We help you build and implement infrastructure in your business to make it sellable.


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Staff Efficiency

How well are your staff working and what returns are you making on this investment?

The number one way to help a company scale and grow faster is through good staff efficiency and effectiveness. This can be through infrastructure, training or even just effective monitoring.

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