As investors, we know the only reasons companies ‘go bust’ is because they run out of cash.

Start-up Entrepreneurs can often not be in full control of their cashflow, having a lack of control of company expenses and a poor control of debtors and cash coming in to the business.

Their Infrastructures can be incredibly weak, with Directors attention being spent on future sales rather than the balance of the bank accounts.

Acceler8me can act as a pair of eyes for the investor and the company. We monitor outgoings and incomings against budgets and forecasted sales; to give Investors and Directors insight into the future of their company. We can install infrastructure and train the directors to be able to monitor and have more awareness of the Cashflow in their business.

With this power we can warn investors and entrepreneurs months before they run out of cash. Give us a call today and let us help you keep an eye on your investments cashflows.

Why Wales & the Northern Powerhouse?
Cut Costs, Increase Co-Investment, Reduce Risk and get the best talent for less…. Where’s the problem? Scaling companies to the Regions can save companies millions of pounds. Reducing labour costs, reducing rents and being a big fish in a small pond – Not to mention Co-Investment from bodies like the Welsh Development Banc or the Northern Powerhouse

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Co-Investment Opportunities
Are you looking for co-investment for either your first round or follow up rounds?   We work with investors and institutions around the country that are looking to co-invest and are willing to give you full SEIS/EIS. We can even help out with management, monitoring and mentoring afterwards

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Planning, Building & Implementing CRMs

Excel Spreadsheets are not the right tool to scale a business on!


A CRM is an integral part of a companies Infrastructure. It is where you store all your clients & leads, measure & run your Sales Strategy and measure the health of your business

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