Investors are one of the most crucial elements in the Start-up ecosystem. Their experience and advice is just as crucial as that of any founder. Hands-on investors can expect on average an 80% better chance of a 'successful investment'. But how is an investor meant to find the time to mentor & monitor their investments, while finding the time to look for new potential investments, to maximise their SEIS/EIS benefits and spread the risks of their portfolios? This is where we come in! We help investors with the following services below. Helping investors spread their risk, while supporting their current portfolios

Search Funds

To take advantage of SEIS/EIS properly, an investor needs to make several investments over a period of time.


However, as the majority of investors need to be hands-on with their current investments, how are investors meant to find the time to source, filter, meet and qualify Investment Ready Startups?

Why Wales & the Northern Powerhouse?

Cut Costs, Increase Co-Investment, Reduce Risk and get the best talent for less…. Where’s the problem?

Scaling companies to the Regions can save companies millions of pounds, by reducing labour costs, reducing rents and being a big fish in a small pond – not to mention Co-Investment opportunities from bodies like the Welsh Development Banc or the Northern P

UK, EU & Welsh Government Grants

Get UK, EU, Welsh Government and Westminster subsidies for creating jobs, buying capital & growing your business!

In some parts of the UK, you can receive grants paying between up to 40% of all salaries for jobs created in the first 3 years & grants that pay 50% towards your capital!

Co-Investment Opportunities
Are you looking for co-investment for either your first round or follow up rounds?   We work with investors and institutions around the country that are looking to co-invest and are willing to give you full SEIS/EIS. We can even help out with management, monitoring and mentoring afterwards
Management Consultancy

Quite often directors are experts in their fields, but not growing and running businesses.

The role of 'growth coach' is often taken on by the investor, increasing their responsibilities in an already busy work schedule. We can help take this off your back, by offering consultancy focusing on infrastructure & growth

Cashflow Monitoring
Monitoring ‘Cash Burn Rates’ for start-up investments is crucial!   Quite often entrepreneurs don't fully understand how to spend and save their start-up capital and need assistance monitoring and maintaining expenses. We help you monitor, analyse and report all cashflow activities across your whole investment portfolio. We can even work with your investments to help find holes and reduce expenses. This way you know 6 months in advance before they run out of money

Let us help you diversify, mentor and monitor your investments. We can take the pressure off you


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