When should I hire staff?

As a Startup or SME, hiring staff or expanding your team should be a very daunting task - not just because you are trying to find the right person, but because it forces you to delegate some of your responsibilities. Hiring creates a new financial pressure on the business and this pressure must be planned for and met.

Before we interview, we must think of every new hire as a mathematical equation and not an emotional decision. Ask yourself... Are you really financially able to take on a staff member? Have you got a detailed job spec? Most importantly, what returns do you need from this staff member?

Acceler8me offers HR consultancy services. We help you plan, implement and monitor your company structure and staffing breakdowns. We help you create a clear, effective, efficient and strong structure, that will make you more attractive to future investors as well as for possible exit opportunities.

Accelerated Growth

What is the fastest way to safely grow your company?

We help businesses create bespoke plans focusing on building and strengthing a company's Infrastructure, Sales & Marketing Strategies

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Exit Preparation

Are you looking to exit your business?

Investors/Buyers will only buy businesses that have structure and aren't "all about the owner". We help you build and implement infrastructure in your business, to make it sellable.



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Staff Efficiency

How well are your staff working and what returns are you making on this investment?

The number one way to help a company scale and grow faster is through good staff efficiency and effectiveness. This can be through infrastructure, training or even just effective monitoring.


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