Business Plans are not just for investment. Starting or growing a business, isn’t the same as going to the supermarket without a shopping list. Business planning is one of the most integral parts of setting up a business. Whether it is written on the back of a napkin or is 100 pages long, a Business Plan tells the owner of a business, how they plan on growing their business, how much that will cost and what they can financially expect back from growing their business.

A good business plan is supported by a Financial Forecast, a document which shows all the expected expenses and incomes from starting or growing this business. Financial Forecasts usually consist of a Profit & Loss Statement (P&L), a Cashflow and sometimes a Balance Sheet. The most important of these being a Cashflow which shows you how much money you will need to make the Business Plan work.

Lastly a Financial Model is a working set of numbers or assumptions that can be edited in real time, that will show the director how small changes can affect the business. For example, if you only sell 5 widgets in March, how will that effect the cashflow of the business? A model allows you to change your assumptions and see how it affects your Profits and Cashflow.

Acceler8me offers business plan consulting services to our clients. Regardless of your needs whether you’re looking to create a restaurant business plan, acquire some bridging, development or asset finance or just general business loans, we will ensure that we push your business forward.

These three documents are not just integral for running your business, but also for Investment Searching. Call Acceler8me today and let’s have a chat about evaluating and/or building your business plan, Financial Forecasts and Models for you.

Investment Ready

Is your company ready for investment?


We can help you build strong and robust Business PlansFinancial Forecasts & Models; while taking you through the step by step process of getting your business Investment Ready

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Investment Searching
There are tens of thousands of investors in the UK, all with different interests and skills.   Investment Searching is a long & laborious task that can take you away from running your business. We help you search, not just for any investors, but the right investors for you and your business

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Marketing Strategies
Acceler8me defines Marketing as a series of activities that lead to ‘Reactive’ Sales   Having a strong, tested, marketing strategy in place, with reliable ‘Return of Investment’ is crucial for the growth and future scaling of any business

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