What is Smart Money?

‘Smart Money’ refers to an investor who brings to the table more than just shear money. They may come with 30 years of industry experience, a black book of sales contacts and contracts or a reputation in the industry that will make the company stand out. These investors may only invest £50,000, but they might bring £200,000 in sales and encourage another £1,000,000 worth of investment because they are involved. This is Smart Money.

What is Dumb Money?

Dumb Money doesn’t mean the investors are dumb, it just means they are only investing money and don’t have the time or skills to put into your business. Some examples of Dumb Money are Crowd Funding, Bank lending or even some VC investors. Dumb money isn’t necessarily a negative thing, but it does require a company to have a senior, experienced team on board- that knows how to spend that investment money to get the best returns for the business.

What is a Non-Executive Director?

A Non-Executive Director (N.E.D) is a board member position with no formal legal responsibility over the company (Unlike a standard Director). They are offered this position to work with the directors of a business, to help ensure the success of that business. N.E.D’s can often be Smart Money investors, a very experienced person in the industry or an expert in growing businesses. They sit on the board and are normally paid in equity and eventually board fees/dividends once the business is making large enough profits.

How we can help?

Acceler8me helps companies of all shapes and sizes find Smart Money Investors, Dumb money investors and Non-Executive Directors that can help your business move forward. We can also sit on boards as N.E.D’s ourselves and often sit on boards on behalf of Dumb Money and Smart Money Investors. Get in touch and see what we can do to help you.

Investment Searching
There are tens of thousands of investors in the UK, all with different interests and skills.   Investment Searching is a long & laborious task that can take you away from running your business. We help you search, not just for any investors, but the right investors for you and your business

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Board Development & Governance

Behind any successful company is accountability and governance, by people who know more than you.   A company is its own entity and it needs its own governance. We help you make sure that your company has a strong experienced board that can advise you on the best way to help your company move forward

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Business Plans, Financial Forecasts & Models
Not just a compulsory part of getting your business Investment Ready, but also a necessity for  Investment Searching. This is not just for Start-ups, but also SMEs. You need to financially budget and plan any growth strategies and work out how you can increase sales without creating a substantial risk to the business. Planning is a key part of any business. Without this effective Infrastructure can't even exist. What are you building towards?

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