Business Startup Grants – What Grants Are Available In The UK?

Too often people believe they are held back from setting up a business because they ‘just don’t have the money’. Years ago, having the money behind you to get started was crucial. Luckily, there are now tons of business startup grants out there to help those who just have great ideas and the drive to succeed in business. Granted, there is a lot more competition out there, as things have evolved, but there is also a lot more support in particular fields that will help you grow. Previously, The UK and Welsh Government provided grants for most businesses, however, this isn’t the case anymore.

These are just a few examples of certain grants in the UK; Innovate UK-, EU Jobs Growth (Backed up to 2020), Local council and borough grants, Princess and Princes Trust, Welsh and UK Lottery Funding, Arts Council funding, British Council Funding. There are also some Industry specific grants that cover; Film industry, Coal industry, TV technology, Social enterprise grants.


I know what you’re thinking; ‘Where do I start?!’. It may seem slightly overwhelming at first, but we are here to help. If you get in touch today we can assess your business plan and arrange a consultation to discuss your current situation, we can then help find you the perfect grant that will benefit your area of interest. We will even guide you through writing the grant application!


It’s important to understand that there is help out there, and remember; success in businesses doesn’t just benefit you, it also benefits the economy in the country. Therefore, government grants WANT you to succeed. If you dig even further there are even classes, training sessions and even boot camps that focus on young aspiring entrepreneurs to encourage them to set up their own business. It is much more encouraged and supported in the 21st century.


That being said, some people will still find more excuses such as; “I’m just afraid of failure” When really this is more of a confidence issue that everyone faces, however, in the business world someone who believes that much in their business WILL succeed, and sometimes will appreciate rejection, so they can take the feedback on board and come back fighting.


All it takes is one simple step and approach our consultation services and you are on your way to making your dreams come true.


So…now what’s holding you back?


Brad Channer,

Director, Acceler8me.