What Does ‘Smart Money’ Mean?

There are a lot of terms out there that sound better than they are and confuse a lot of new entrepreneurs. One of those terms is ‘Smart Money’ which sounds more complicated than it is, it basically refers to those investors who are experts in the financial markets and know exactly what they are doing. Simple.

Smart Money related to an investor means that they can offer you more to your business than just money. They often are experienced business people in the field your company is in, who can bring contacts, sales and even potential exits. They often, but not always, put in smaller amounts of money for more equity. They often have an advantage for investing in your business. It could be a professional or another investment that will benefit with the investment.


You might be thinking why that term? Well, the term originates from gamblers who have a history of success due to continued practice and intense knowledge of the field.


When it comes to investing – these are the big dogs who really know their stuff. They could probably answer any question you may have or direct you to the right path of investment that you are looking into. Therefore, they are pretty good to have around, especially if you have no idea where to start/what do to. We can even point you in the right direction of workshops, classes that can enrich your knowledge in certain areas.


At Acceler8me we can break it down with you on what areas you need help with, we can also discuss whether getting in touch with someone who has “Smart Money” will benefit you, and how you can do that. We also host networking events that can help you get in touch with potential investors. Just ensure that you are Investment ready at this point, you can read more about how to be investment ready here: (LINK).


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Brad Channer,

Director, Acceler8me.