Ever heard of a company that went bust for growing to quickly?

There is only one reason why any company goes bust. They run out of cash!! Cashflow is all about planning and management.

In business ‘Cash is King!’ So, with this in mind, how do you grow and scale your company, making sure you have a strong Cashflow? You budget and plan.

At Acceler8me we help you plan for the future. Give us a call if you are looking at acquiring an existing business, opening a new shop, or have you achieved more sales than expected – Let us help you make sure you have enough cash to grow your business. No one wants to go bust!

Investment Searching
There are tens of thousands of investors in the UK, all with different interests and skills.   Investment Searching is a long & laborious task that can take you away from running your business. We help you search, not just for any investors, but the Right Investors for you and your business

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Cashflow Monitoring
Monitoring ‘Cash Burn Rates’ for start-up investments is crucial!   Quite often entrepreneurs don't fully understand how to spend and save their start-up capital and need assistance monitoring and maintaining expenses. We help you monitor, analyse and report all cashflow activities across your whole investment portfolio. We can even work with your investments to help find holes and reduce expenses. This way you know 6 months in advance before they run out of money

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Business Plans, Financial Forecasts & Models
Not just a compulsory part of getting your business Investment Ready, but also a necessity for  Investment Searching. This is not just for Start-ups, but also SMEs. You need to financially budget and plan any growth strategies and work out how you can increase sales without creating a substantial risk to the business. Planning is a key part of any business. Without this effective Infrastructure can't even exist. What are you building towards?

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