It is amazing the amount of companies, of all shapes and sizes, that do not have adequate control of their company finances and expenses.

All companies need some sort of Financial Infrastructure to make sure that all money is being used to the best of its ability. Investors will demand this and if you are a limited company there is a legal expectation that this is done.

The best way to achieve this is by implementing strong Expense Procedures, while using a good Accounting Software Package.

Acceler8me believes that every company is different, and that is why we help you build a Bespoke Expense Procedures for your business and help you set up and install Accounting Software that suits you and your company.

Planning, Building & Implementing CRMs

Excel Spreadsheets are not the right tool to scale a business on!


A CRM is an integral part of a companies Infrastructure. It is where you store all your clients & leads, measure & run your Sales Strategy and measure the health of your business

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Capitalising R.O.I on Physical Assets
As companies, we buy physical assets which we use to provide our services or products.   This can be anything from a laptop to a truck, to a piece of machinery. But how do we work out how to get our maximum returns on these investments? And which asset should we buy in the first place?

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Cashflow Planning
Cash is King. With no cash, the game is over.   We help your business not just find cash, but more importantly, find where the leaks are so your business can start growing and get stronger again. We need to plan how you spend your cash to make sure you have enough for today and tomorrow

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