As Entrepreneurs, Directors or CEOs we are all emotionally attached to our businesses. This makes it hard sometimes for us to see the ‘wood from the trees’. Management Consultancy is an unemotionally connected, neutral 3rd party, who helps the business become more efficient, effective and as a result profitable.

A good consultant isn’t about knowing more than the directors, it is about being able to identify clearly what companies need to do to grow, while being able to communicate effectively and efficiently with that client, so they own the changes they need to make. Every person communicates differently, and a good consultant should always be able to read, bounce and positively reinforce with that person to make changes to their business.

Acceler8me helps your investments or company, make sure they get the best start they can get in the world. We work with a lot of investors, in helping their investments install Infrastructure, strong teams and put Financial Systems in place; to ultimately help companies experience Accelerated Growth and exit.

Search Funds
To take advantage of SEIS/EIS properly, an investor needs to make lots of investments over a period of time.   However, as the majority of investors need to be hands-on to increase their returns from their current investments. How are investors meant to find the time to source, filter, meet and qualify great startups? This is where we come in

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Co-Investment Opportunities
Are you looking for co-investment for either your first round or follow up rounds?   We work with investors and institutions around the country that are looking to co-invest and are willing to give you full SEIS/EIS. We can even help out with management, monitoring and mentoring afterwards

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Cashflow Monitoring
Monitoring ‘Cash Burn Rates’ for startup investments is crucial!   Quite often entrepreneurs don't fully understand how to spend and save their start-up capital and need assistance monitoring and maintaining expenses. We help you monitor, analyse and report all cashflow activities across your whole investment portfolio. We can even work with your investments to help find holes and reduce expenses. This way you know 6 months in advance before they run out of money

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