Top 10 Tips to Grant Applications

Acceler8me offers business grant services so we thought it would only be fair to pass on our expertise to our readers. Once you’ve narrowed down which grants seem appealing to you then you will need to start thinking about your approach when filling out the grant applications. Of course, this depends on the type of grant you are looking to be awarded but it’s important to remember these few points during the application process;

  1. Make sure you qualify

Read up and research the grant that you are applying for. Ensure that you meet all the entry requirements and be prepared to prove these at any time during the process.


  1. Don’t be afraid to make contact

If you have any questions or doubts about anything don’t be afraid to just pick up the phone and ask! Whether this is business advice (us) or specific questions about the grant (them). Trust me when I say, they would rather you ask questions now before you submit your application, as this is too late to change if an error has been made.


  1. Make sure you can pay it back!

Whether the grant is refundable or non-refundable either way, you need to run a business that you can afford to run. Otherwise, your business model is floored.

Sounds harsh but that’s the business world for you.


  1. To the point

Avoid unnecessary jargon, think about the number of applications they will need to get through. Just like a job application form the more you stand out the better.


  1. Stick to Layman’s terms

You don’t need to use confusing terms to show off. The application form is likely going to be considered and passed around a lot, therefore, keep it simple and don’t be throwing out terms that you’ve read in the business dictionary.


  1. Research Research Research

Don’t rush through it, take your time. Do your research, look at other platforms that the grant may be advertising from; social media, youtube, are there any blogs from those who previously received the grant which you can benefit from reading about?


  1. Don’t be too keen

It may seem contradictory but it’s about finding the right balance between being overly keen and passionate. You need to look into all recommendations and ensure that you can commit to them, as often grants are available to encourage you to grow your business in that area and to subsidies risks.


  1. Make sure you can survive without the grant

Applying for a grant shouldn’t be your only hope. Consider it just a fast track way to achieve your goals sooner.


  1. Be realistic

At this point, you should know your business plan inside out. Don’t say anything just to sound impressive, they will see right through it.


  1. Know what needs to be done

Make sure you can prove that you have the right numbers and stats that are feasible and achievable. Portray your passion to succeed on the application form. Know what you need to do to scale and grow your business.


Don’t forget why the grant is there in the first place – Why did the council or government put the grant in place? Create Jobs in the local area, build tech etc…. Your application has to tick these boxes.


Just remember, their job is to give you the money. They want to. Your job is to be ready for it and to reassure them that the money won’t be wasted. If you keep this in mind throughout the application then you will be appealing to them.


If this is something you feel like you need guidance on then get in touch with a member of the team today. We can work on what grants you are eligible for before dissecting the application into more manageable parts. It is so important to ensure that you answer all the questions too.


I’ll look forward to working with you.


Brad Channer,

Director, Acceler8me.