Many investors look at Co-Investment as a great way to spread their risk. Finding the right partner to invest with however, is key to looking after your interests and maximising your potential SEIS and EIS relief.

Acceler8me specialises in helping investors, as well as companies, find introduce potential co-investment partners. We have a network of Angels, VC’s, Family Funds, as well as Institutional and Government Investors, which don’t use SEIS or EIS, so you can maximise your tax relief.

Co-investment gives you the ability to spread your risk over more companies, while allowing you to invest in companies who seek larger rounds and are potentially more developed.

Give Acceler8me a shout today and let’s see what co-investment partners we can find for you.

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To take advantage of SEIS/EIS properly, an investor needs to make lots of investments over a period of time.   However, as the majority of investors need to be hands-on to increase their returns from their current investments. How are investors meant to find the time to source, filter, meet and qualify great Investment Ready start-ups? This is where we come in!

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Management Consultancy
Quite often directors are experts in their fields, but not growing and running businesses. The role of 'growth coach' is often taken on by the investor, increasing their responsibilities in an already busy work schedule. We can help take this off your back, by offering consultancy focusing on infrastructure & growth

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UK, EU & Welsh Government Grants
Get UK, EU, Welsh Government and Westminster subsidies for creating jobs, buying capital & growing your business!   In some parts of the UK, you can get grants paying between up to 40% of all salaries for jobs created in the first 3 years & grants that pay 50% towards your capital!

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