The Benefits Of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) from a CRM Consultancy

There are numerous reasons for using CRM tools though for many when they first encounter a CRM they are perplexed and overwhelmed by the tools available to them. Often there are teething issues where business managers do not know the best way to utilise a CRM system. Acceler8me is a CRM consultancy that’s why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to write a short blog piece of on the benefits of CRM.

Automating Your Business

One of the most important features of CRM’s is the ability to automate everyday tasks. A CRM system can be linked to your email address so that emails can be sent out to your lead and clients in an automated fashion. Whether that’s to remind them to pay a bill, to follow up on a lead reminding them of a proposal that you previously discussed or to let them know of a new service or product that you are offering.

And that’s not the only thing that CRM’s can automate if you need to send your clients regular invoices or reports a CRM can create these a lot quicker than developing them manually. The reports don’t necessarily have to be focused on your client’s business either, you can use the reports to see the progress of your own business and to ensure that you are reaching your targets and KPI’s.

Improving Time Efficiency

Another great feature of CRM’s is the amount of time it can save you, after all as the old saying goes time is money! If you’re able to save yourself or your marketing and sales managers from managing menial business tasks you free up there time to focus on the more important business-related tasks. Menial tasks also lead to workplace apathy and low morale by keeping your workforce focused on the more challenging aspects of your business you are keeping them motivated and more satisfied with their work.

Offering Great Customer Service

Last but certainly not least there’s the impact on customer service, as the name suggests customer relationship managers allow you to offer great customer service.  What’s great about CRM’s is we are able to contain all of our client’s data at our fingertips, that means if you client needs any information regarding their business you’re able to provide it to them far quicker than if you did it manually. This increases your client’s loyalty and thus their retention and can win you more business through referrals. That’s not to mention the fact that CRM’s also allow you to keep track of any prospective clients or leads that are coming through to your business.

CRM’s are a great way to improve your business, if you need any help or advise with developing a CRM contact Acceler8me today.

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